Not This Way EP


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Our first EP! Enjoy!


released February 26, 2013



all rights reserved


WHITEWATER Gmina Śrem, Poland

We are a 4-piece international rock act! If You know The Brew and K=I=W=I, then You should expect how we're gonna sound!

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Track Name: Delusions Of Grandeur
You've reached that door,
But time is running out, this time you need to shout,
Cause time is gonna clear.
These thoughts you adore,
Your chasing more and more, we've heard it all before,
But still you have to see!

One track mind,
Everything could be so much more…
One track mind,
Oh yeah!

You look through rose,
Colours in your eyes, it can make your life so blind,
You'll never realise…
You should be clear,
When time goes good to bad, leaving hope so sad, Expressions hating man!
Track Name: Not This Way
I've seen it all, I've heard before, I haven’t got no faith in You.
These years I've tried , to figure why , what it is that I really have to do. So now it's time to speak my mind, to say the things mean the truth. The price You’ll pay will hit some day…
Everyone blames You, yeah!

Yeaaaah, it's gonna find you!
Yeaaaah, not taking anymore!
Yeaaaah, it's gonna find you!
Yeaah, gonna stick it to the man today!

Sit Yourself down, stop prancing around, these days will be over soon for You.
In your mind it’s just one straight line, no career no hope its nothing new…
Oh thats nice ,that you've tried ,to make all my dreams work out for me…
So these faults that you seem to find,
Are problems with you yeah!

Not this way,
Not this way,
Not this way,
You’re gonna fuck up my day!
Track Name: What You Giving?
The things I say seem always so wrong,
But right now only to you.
The games you play are never too long,
And some how I manage to loose.
These dreams we had the dreams ain't real,
But one day they will come true.
There's just one thing I'd like to say and that is…
What you giving!?

I want to, I need to
I have to get away.
I want to, I need to deceive you.
You need to believe in me.
Believe in me,
Believe in me!
I have to get away!